Call Center Application

Designed an intuitive call center application that helped operators improve the customer experience.



Call center operators at a large oil and energy service company were having trouble using the present application. I worked together with the company to redesign their present call center application to fix problematic areas. The application was difficult to navigate through, however with a redesign, call center operators were able to rapidly address concerns without digging through the clutter and a pile of notifications.


Call center operators were experiencing difficulties with the current application and couldn’t find information because it was scattered all through multiple systems. Likewise, they had to deal with various pop-up warnings and a slow interface. Operators needed a superior system to effortlessly find client information so as to answer questions, quickly resolve issues, and work more efficiently.


By gathering research, conducting observations, interviews, and usability studies to identify user needs and understand the work environment, and redesigning the call center application, I improved the workflow and simplified the click path to perform tasks. The new design fundamentally reduced click-paths, decreased time-on-task, increased productivity, and provided various avenues to increase customer satisfaction. This helped the company meet execution measurements, and performance metrics such as improved call handle time, preparing and training time, and call determination.


Team lead, UX / UI


Web / Dashboard


User Research, Surveys, Competitor Analysis, User Flow, User Testing, Sketches, Wireframes, Animated Prototype.


Whiteboard, Pen and Paper, Sketch, Gliffy, Invision, Principle


Reduced clicks-path to perform tasks
Decreased time-on-task by 79%
Increased operator efficiency by 300%

``Everything is right here. We don’t have to click too much to reach important information.``

Call Center Operator