The most convenient way to manage properties

Company Overview

Dubai Properties is a leading master-developer based in the United Arab Emirates and is responsible for shaping some of Dubai’s most renowned and iconic real estate destinations.

The Vision

The Customer Portal will become the channel of choice for all customers to manage their relationship, communicate and interact with Dubai Properties.

The Purpose

Inform the customer and facilitate the relationship with Dubai Properties.


Customer convenience
Increase brand value
Increase cost efficiency

Audience Insights: The portal aims to serve the needs of three sets of audiences


Customers that own no more than  one property from DP


Customers that own more than one property but total value of those properties combined is less than 10 million AED


Units owned by DP customers that are leased to 3rd parties customers

Goal, and Role

My role was leading the UX and touching on all expect of the project from research to designing & testing

My goal was to help organize, and design Dubai Properties’ Web/ Mobile portal to solve the user’s pain point and help the business do better. This included working on information architecture, user experience, rapid prototyping, user testing of the final product. My goal was to analyze essential features to streamline effortless experience and create a clean and intuitive product.

The journey began with proper understanding of the field of real estates and property managment; I had several meetings with the team to understand the vision, objective, and business.

The research started off by making sure that the customer’s goals and paint points were understood very well and the context in which the app would be used. Grasping the context of the users in UAE was a bit challenging at first. Over the course of the project, the clients helped by providing all the necessary information as to how the portal would be used and how the different users would interact.

After collating all the insights and persona mapping, I began with structuring the major functionalities and user flows. I ensured that users were empowered with full control of their dashboard. Beside adding useful functionalities, I also took a close look at the landing screen where I provided the snippets of properties, to give them a quick overview with 1-click approach to the main features to reduce the click-path to perform a task. I have tried to make the design very user driven and conversational.

Experience Principles

Designing for user experience is something that has become a must. Good UX is not only about eliminating frustrations and solving problems, it’s just as much about being thoughtful, getting users absorbed in the experience and evoking positive emotions. In order for me and the team to keep all aspects of the design process aligned we came up with the bellow principles



To undertand the different touch points the business, and the user have to go through. I mapped the different journeys to empathize and make the shift


Since there were three different mediums (Responsive web app, Android and iOS) to design for, I wanted to keep the overall look and experience similar across them; hence, the flow, navigation, layout and colour themes remain constant throughout.

To give a more personalized feel to the portal, I opted for custom icons and illustrations and for reinforcing the brand image, primary colours were used in them. Further, for a better understanding of the portal, special illustrations were created for the onboarding stage, and other major flows.

Thus, all the visual elements have been kept simple for easy usage, while being highly efficient to assist the user in navigating around the app and website.

The whole design is extremely interactive with lot of micro-interactions in place; this was done to ensure increased user engagement and to grip user’s attention.

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