Philips Smarthome TV

Smart home control system – on your TV!


Philips Home TV is an integrated smart home control system that runs natively on the new Apple TV. The upcoming tvOS app works as a stand-alone system or as a companion to the iOS and watchOS app.

Beyond Entertainment

Television as we know it changed from a simple entertainment-oriented device into a platform with its own app store and smartphone-like capabilities. The TV being the traditional hub of activity in many homes, Apple’s new, more powerful TV box is a natural place for home equipment controls

Powered by tvOS

Apple has reimagined the TV experience with tvOS – an innovative TV platform that redefines what can be done in the living room. Because it runs on a powerful hardware that is constantly on, tvOS is the perfect platform to control and automate your smart home.


The new energy consumer is here.

Your consumers want more than the kilowatt-hour. Empower them with the information and services to simplify their home and energy management. Go beyond the once-a-month utility bill to deliver personalized energy-as-a-service— and see real impact on business KPIs to increase customer retention and engagement.


  • Help consumers integrate and manage their smart home.
  • Deliver communication on the right channel at the right time during times of crisis.
  • Provide the information consumers need to manage their own energy consumption.
  • Leverage the smart grid to enable them to take advantage of alternative energy sources.