My process

Starting with why..

Design is no longer an artistic practice and creativity is not just an artist’s emotional expression. Designers are the solution to solving problems that enable people, businesses, and technology to impact how the world works. Through personal experience, experiments, and research, I’ve evolved from being an artist into a scientific designer. Designers who are systematic, methodic, and process driven innovate more strategically.

My process is about gaining an understanding of the big picture, identifying goals and pain-points, and taking a User-Centered approach in designing usable solutions. The methods and techniques I use within each phase of my process may vary depending on the design challenges.


Define project goals & discover user pain points

Evaluations, User Interviews, C&C Analysis, Card Sorting

Synthesize research & brainstorm possible solutions

Persona, User Flows, Information Architecture, Wireframing

Refine user interface & create clickable prototype

Design Spec, UI Design, Interaction Design, Responsive Design

Conduct usability tests & implement user feedback

User Testing, Data Collection, Infographics, Design Iteration

Ultimately the solutions designed will have gone through cycles of testing and iterations just like in an experiment. The feedback from users is then adapted into the final designs. I believe that in establishing a process.